New Zealand Wedding Flowers - kiwi inspired, paua shell bouquets.




New Zealand Style Wedding Flowers

This page shows photos of our New Zealand style wedding bouquets, those featuring a kiwiana or pacifica style. 


For Waitakere Weddings we are often asked to design a bridal bouquet to reflect the natural beauty of the West Coast, with elements of the Bush and the Wild West Coast Beaches.

This particularly appeals to those brides getting married at one of the many beautiful Waitakere Wedding Venues, or for a Kiwi

returning home to get married in New Zealand. 


Incorporating special elements in your wedding bouquet is something we love doing - so bring in your ideas and together we

can dream up a design thats just perfect for your own wedding flowers. Email - Wedding Designer - Jo - I would be delighted to help.

helpful tips and hints

We often get asked to use native flowers in wedding bouquets. With New Zealand natives this is very tricky - For a start there are no native flowers that are commercially grown or available as a cut flower!!

The native's we most commonly get asked for a Pohutukawa flowers, and Kowhai. Sadly neither of these last as a cut flower so they will not last the distance for your whole day.

We can use the foliage and the buds of Pohutukawa which look like interesting berries, if you want to incorporate something native into your bouquet.


As you can see below - we can certainly create a NZ flavour to your wedding in a creative way.



Some ideas to add a touch of N.Z. to your wedding bouquet:


  • Shells
  • Paua shell (by far the most popular choice!),
  • Beach shells - some couples collect shells from their "special" beach.
  • Bunny Tails
  • Flax leaves
  • Woven flax
  • Flax hapene
  • Flax flowers
  • Ferns
  • Grasses
  • Feathers
  • Berries
  • Succulents
  • Vines and twigs
  • And any other creatives twists that you would like to add?

Trailing bouquet of roses and paua shell for a NZ style wedding

Lovely Trailing Bouquet of white roses, succulents, paua shell with herbs Rosemary and sage. The grey foliage is so soft and pretty against the aquas.

Turquoise and white wedding bouquets with paua shell and succulent detail
I loved designing these flowers for Amy. Their wedding theme was N.Z. style with paua shell details and she wanted to bring through turquoise from the Bridesmaids dresses.

Succulents roses and paua shell New Zealand wedding flowers
Close up detail of Amy's bouquet - Featuring Alaska roses, carnations, succulents, hydrangea, viburnum berries and that lovely paua shell touch.

pacifica style wedding bouquet of tropical flowers with New Zealand paua shell detail.

Close-up of Brides pacific style bouquet showing the paua shell and feather detail.  I loved how the feathers matched the colour of her dress perfectly!

photo of bride and tropical style New Zealand wedding flowers.

Beautiful bride - Molly with her tropical inspired bouquet of imported Singapore Orchids, 'Vanilla' Anthuriums, dracena and palm leaves with paua shell and feather detail.
tropical feeling green anthurium bouquet
Tropical style simple Bridesmaids bouquet of Green anthuriums, tropical leaves and Italian Ruscus. A stylish, modern alternative.


N.Z. Bunnytails Beach bouquetNew Zealand Summer Beach wedding - Bunnytails, Statice hydrangea and lots of grasses.

Beach Wedding Bouquets

A joint collaboration here - Brides Flax Bouquet by Artiflax - Fresh Bridesmaids bouquets by Best Blooms for a beach wedding in Whitianga.

.Z. Beach style buttonhole bunnytails

Buttonholes by Best Blooms - Bunnytails, Grasses and ruscus leaves. Beach perfect!







calla lily bridal bouquet photographed on driftwood

We decided on a modern take on a calla lily wedding bouquet - wand style - and then I created paua shell and copper wire detail on the handle.

Bride and Gown with Paua shell detail

I had such fun designing this wedding theme.  Elona's bridal gown had paua shell embroidered over the bodice, so we had a great consultation and she left it up to me - such fun!







Designer bouquet Calla lillies and paua shell detail
Close up photo showing the copper wire and paua shell detail on the handle of the wand bouquet.

Autumn roses and hapene flax - New Zealand wedding bouquetsAnother twist to add a New Zealand flavour to your wedding flowers. This wedding featured rich orange, burgundy & brown roses with Hapene Flax.


roses and hapene flax bouquet

Hapene is a wonderful dried flax product that adds a wonderful flair to the bouquet and lots of lovely texture.

Autumn roses and hapene detail

Flowergirls bouquet with hapene flax detail.

modern calla lillies bouquet with paua detail

Interesting and textural bouquet of Piccasso calla lillies, roses, green berries and paua shell highlights.

pink and white roses with a twist. New Zealand flax loops.

Our bride wanted to bring through flax details to blend in with her surroundings at Castaways.

calla lillies and rose bouquet

Bouquet featuring picasso lillies, viburnum berries, purple tracellium and decorative paua shells.

White casablanca lily bouquet with paua shell on silver wire detail

A delicate touch of Paua shell on fine silver decorative wire over perfect white casablanca lillies.

Gerbera wedding bouquet with New Zealand touches
Hi Jo
Our Wedding Day on 18th feb 2012 was amazing. Couldn't have asked for a better day.
The flowers were amazing and we had plenty of comments from guests, they were very impressed. Thank you so much again.
Kind regards Jenna and Whai

White gerbera bouquet with paua shell

Gerberas are pretty to work with - the lovely centre is a perfect frame for the decorative paua shell.

Funky red rose bouquet with shells and spanish moss, twigs and grass

For this wedding at Castaways, we used bright red roses, clusters of shells, spanish moss with willow, bear grass details. I love this bouquet!

Trailing red rose bouquet with shells

For this bride we incorporated special shells that they collected from the Beach where they met. As surfers, the beach theme was important to them to carry through.

Tropical style bouquet

Bride Debbie and bridesmaid Julie with Red Anthurium and red singapore orchids.
Stylish and effective, and designed to suit the surroundings at Waitakere Estate.

Paua shell funky buttonholeTo match Elona's Wedding Bouquet we designed these funky, modern Buttonholes for her Groom.  Featuring Paua shell, Likopodium and berzelea and not a flower in sight!

Buttonhole flax and leavesFor a New Zealand theme wedding - we can really go wild on the Blokes buttonholes. No flowers - very funky, interesting and the guys love it!

Flax and feather buttonhole

Flax flower buttonhole - feathers, paua shell and berzelea berries.

Kiwana style - beach buttonhole

Beach wedding buttonhole - Bunnytail,
succulent and shell detail.

Rose buttonhole with hapene detail

To match our hapene wedding, the buttonholes featured a rose, lophomyrtus foliage and hapene.

flax flower buttonhole

New Zealand buttonhole of Fresh woven flax flower, succulent, and viburnum berries.

Hydrangea centrepiece for All Blacks themed wedding
For a N.Z Rugby themed wedding reception - simple bowls of Turquoise antique hydrangeas with candles on a mirror circle.






Table setting with NZ fern detail

Add a touch of New Zealand style to your reception - Leather fern tucked into the guests napkins.

Table centrepieces with fern palm NZ style

Stunning night time atmosphere at Waitakere Estate. Bowls of green hydrangea, set on palm leaves and candles - lots of candles.

Bridesmaids sheaf of roses and fern

An elegant way to match the Bridesmaids bouquets - We used fabric from the bridesmaids gowns to accesorise their bouquet with that touch of paua shell detail.

funky white rose paua bouquet

Trailing wedding bouqet of white roses, paua shell detail, green berries and fern and palm leaves - designed to suit a Waitakere wedding.

trailing white rose bouquet with paua shell detail

Close up detail of the bouquet - I cracked big, whole paua shells to create the interest and texture throughout this bouquet.