Gerbera wedding bouquets - gerbera and sunflower weddings





This page features wedding flowers made with popular gerberas and sunflowers.


Using these daisy-style flowers gives a more casual feeling to your wedding flowers, great for a garden wedding or for those brides looking for a less formal affair.


Sunflowers are a more unusual choice for bridal flowers (yellow is not very commonly used in bridal flowers) but you can see they look stunning.

I love designing with Gerberas - if you have questions about Your gerbera wedding flowers, then please do ask - Wedding Designer - Jo - I would be delighted to help.

helpful tips and hints

Gerberas have a semi-soft hollow stem. I always use a supporting wire on my gerberas before using them in wedding flowers to ensure they last the whole day and into the night.


You dont want flowers going limp and floppy on you as you head into the evening.


For those Brides on a budget - Gerbera's are a fabulous choice - they are large flowers so it doesn't take too many to make a bouquet - they are available all year round, and come in a huge range of colour options and 2 sizes - Standard and mini.




What Colour do Gerbera's come in?


Answer - What colour would you like???


colours that gerberas come in

colour choices for gerbera daisies


Seriously - Gerberas come in a HUGE range of colour choices, but not purple or Blue.

There are light and dark shades in every colour hue so you are sure to find the perfect one to match your palette.

Many colours have a choice of either green centres or dark chocolate brown centres, so this gives us even more fun when colour matching!

White gerbera bouquet with touch of pink for bride

For Charlotte's pretty spring wedding we used
white gerberas, snowball, white lilac and a touch of pale pink roses. I love the soft green touches!




hot pink gerbera bouquets against spring green bridesmaids dressesHi Jo - The flowers were amazing and everyone commented on them. I ended up giving my bouquet to my sister (my chief bridesmaid) and she ended up catching hers (which I threw) because she liked it so much! She actually wrestled another girl for her bouquet. Must have been the rugby fever! 

Thanks for doing such beautiful flowers for me for my wedding, they were amazing.
They also lasted SO well right through the night!
I will be sure to let you know if I need flowers for anything, you’ll be the only person I’ll be calling on.
Kind regards Charlotte



Gerbera wedding bouquets all packaged up and ready for the wedding day
Pretty gerbera wedding bouquets peeking out of
the box - ready to last the whole day :)

white gerbera bouquet with paua shell detail

Modern white gerbera bouquet with paua shell detail wrapped in silver bullion wire. Bear Grass collar and fern to highlight.

white and yellow gerbera bouquets with yellow bridesmaids dresses


Jenna's wedding has a really lovely summer feeling - Bright cheerful yellow dresses for the maids with yellow and white gerbera bouquets.


white gerbera wedding bouquet with a little butterflyArm sheaf bouquet of white gerberas with a pretty butterfly to highlight. A sheaf is carried across the arm. Very cost effective as less time is involved.


Gorgeous white rose and gerbera bouquet against lace wedding dressEmma was one of our very first Best Blooms Brides and her bouquet is still a popular choice. A classic combination of white roses and white gerberas with chocolate centre.

Bride with wedding bouquet of gerberas and roses in white

White gerberas come with either a chocolate brown centre or a pale green centre - this gives us lots of options for playing with colour.



Bridesmaids in forest green carrying white gerbera bouquetsEmma's Bridesmaids wore dark forest green dresses and wraps - I love the contrast of their bouquets against the dress - again with that striking chocolate centre in the gerbera.

Bride and groom with gerbera bright wedding bouquet

A mix of Yellow, Orange and red gerberas, all with dark chocolate brown centres, with bear grass. Grooms buttonhole made from mini gerbera.

Bright wedding bouquet of gerberas -great contrast against blue dress

These vibrant, colourful wedding bouquets
really suited Mirren's personality and were
exactly what she wanted. Gerberas add a more casual feeling and are a fun, happy choice. Gerbera bouquets are also a great cost
effective option for wedding flowers.


Trailing wedding bouquet of Sunflowers and lisianthus in yellow and purple
Clarinda's wedding bouquet was a trailing teardrop style with sunflowers, roses and purple lisianthus to match the bridal party.

Bridesmaids posy in purples and pinks gerberas and lisianthusBridesmaids posy of hot pink gerberas with chocolate centres and purple lisianthus (eustoma) - love the hint of lime green berries.


Gerbear and stock freesias and lisianthus bouquet in purples and pinks Bright and pretty in a popular colour combination. Hot pink mini gerberas, with purple lisianthus and in the brides bouquet, we added white stock and freesias - fragrant and pretty!

hot pink gerbera wedding bouquet with crystals A different style here - modern bouquet of hot pink gerberas (green centres) mixed with white.
Added pizzazz comes from the folded aspidist
ra leaves, bear grass loops and crystal detail.



sweet flowergirl with wand and butterfly

Cute picture! Flowergirl holding her wand gently,
as a monarch butterfly (from the release), alights atop her flowers. Wands are a lovely option.

Bridal party with white gerberas

The bridal party in ivory and champagne -
I love the neutral palette - highlighted by relaxed gerbera bouquets.

champagne bridesmaids dresses with white gerbera bouquets

Sunflowers - who doesn't like sunflowers!?
For Michelle's wedding we did simple modern sunflowers with twists of bear grass.



Bride and sunflower bouquet for wedding Bright wedding flowers look amazing -
They really add a splash of colour to the day!
Be aware though, that your eye (in both life and photos) will be drawn to the hot bright colour first.

Sunflower and purple lisianthus wedding posyBridesmaids bouquet of Yellow Sunflowers, purple lisianthus and urple trachelium flowers. Yellow and purple is a wonderful colour harmony.


Bride and Groom with yellow and purple wedding bouquet Clarinda organised her wedding flowers via email from Australia - it was easy and she got the bouquet she wished for. Grooms buttonhole of purple lisianthus and Ivy leaves.



white gerbera bouquet with butterfly

Bridesmaids bouquet, a mix of white gerberas, highlighted with red butterflies - it's fun to add a quirky personal touch to the bouquets.

Red gerbera bouquet with white bridesmaids posies - added quirky detail of butterflies Something different - a Butterfly wedding!
Held at Butterfly creek - the bride extended her theme right through - both the flowers and cupcakes were decorated with.... Butterflies!



White gerbera wedding bouquet with crystalsWhite gerbera bouquet with chocolate brown centres, with crystal accents and bear grass lops. Just using one type of flower is so simple and effective.

pink gerbera wedding bouqetFor this lovely bride - she chose not to wear white - the bouquet in dusky pink matched the dress perfectly, and the ribbon used was from offcuts from her dress, with a little shell detail for her beach wedding at Waiheke Island.

pink frosty gerbera and rose bouquet for winter weddingSoft and pretty and Frosty! For a winter wedding at The Chateau - we did palest pink gerberas frosted with glitter, frosty ice twigs, roses and a wee fur collar on the handle.

white gerbera bouquet with paua shell detail and hydrangea

Cream gerberas with paua shell highlights in the centres. - A Winter wedding so we used artificial blue hydrangeas to get the blue colour through - no one except me, and the bride ever knew!

burgundy and white gerbera posies Striking and bold - Burgundy and white mini gerberas, with green berzelea berries.
Fern collar for a N.Z feeling.

red gerbera wedding boquet with crystals

Red gerbera posy with crystal branch accents.
Love the deep chocolate brown centres for
added richness and depth of colour.

gerbera boquets in red and white Red and white wedding flowers - always a popular combination, and the simpleness of the gerberas work well for a clean modern look.

funky white gerbera bouquet with black satin binding on handle
Bridesmaids bouquet was made without the crystal accents and bound with black satin ribbon. The bridesmaids dresses were black, so this bouquet was a perfect match.

gerbera wedding flowers

Nicole's wedding flower bouquet of white
gerberas with chocolate brown centres,
accented with green berries, and ivy.
Photo provided by Karamika Photography.

Bride who chose not to wear white -in taupe with red gerbera bouquet

Another brave bride who chose not to wear white! The striking red gerberas with chocolate centres, look fab against her taupe dress. The crystal accents and bear grass add to the bouquet.

Budget bridesmaids flowers -hot pink gerbera wand
Not a great photo from me here - but wanted to show you a gerbera wand - a great simple bridesmaids option - this one with bear grass loops. Budget friendly option!

hot pink gerbera and pink rose bouquet
Close up of our earlier spring bouquets - i adore this colour combination - the soft lime - the hot pink and then touches of baby pink to keep fresh.
Bright and pretty!

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hot pink gerbera and rose bouquet
Hot splash of colour! Hot pink gerberas mixed with hot pink jacaranda roses - which are fragrant. Fab!