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Oriental lillies are delicious, fragrant and elegant flowers. Available in pure white casablanca lillies, simplon lillies, stunning rialto lillies, and Conca D'or lillies with a stunning yellow centre.


In the pink shades we have hot pink Stargazer lillies, Canberra, the pale pink La Reve lily and new varieties coming through like Acapulco which have a stunning white stripe.

Oriental Lillies are grown all year round - although there are some periods when they can be more difficult to source -but are still available.

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wedding planning helpful hint
Oriental Lillies smell absolutely Amazing!
As one of the most fragrant flowers, their perfume will fill the room with scent.
Fragrance is such a powerful, evocative memory trigger - you will always associate your wedding day with the gorgeous smell, giving you long-lasting memories of your special day.

The downside to this?
Do be aware that Oriental Lillies - Casablanca Stargazer etc are highly allergenic! They have a very strong (but beautiful) perfume and this can affect Brides (and grooms) who suffer from hayfever. Itchy red eyes are not a good look for your special day.
Don't forget the antihistamine!

Don't Lillies Stain?
We ALWAYS remove the yellow stamens from these lillies.
You definately do not want pollen stains on your gown. However please keep in mind, that some lilly buds may "crack" open during the day in the heat, BUT the pollen has not yet "fluffed up" and will not stain.
Please do get someone to remove them gently with a tissue, before they can fluff up and stain your gorgeous dress.


Are Lillies Funeral Flowers?
Historically yes, the lily is often interpreted as a symbol of the innocence that has been restored to the soul of the departed.
A white stargazer lily symbolizes sympathy and any type of white lily expresses majesty and purity....
However, Lillies are an elegant, sophisticated bloom, and there is no other flower like them in terms of simplistic beauty - they are a stylish, modern choice and very, very popular.



White casablanca lily wedding bouquet and veil

A fresh and pretty combination of flowers - Casablanca lillies and green hydrangea with a touch of fern.



Beautiful wedding party with white casablanca lillies and green hydrangaea bouquets

Cushla's wedding party carried wedding flowers of white casablanca lillies and green hydrangeas. We accented the hydrangea bouquets with touches of leather fern and crystal bead wire.



Wedding cake with topper of fresh casablanca lillies

Dear Jo & Team,
Thanks so much for all your hard work and effort and creativity that went into our flowers for our wedding day. They were perfect! Thank you.
Cushla & Joe 23 February


Oriental lily bouquet with paua shell detail - NZ style and so pretty!

Add a touch of paua shell to bring in teal colours and a bit of New Zealand style. This paua was threaded onto the finest silver wire, which entwined the whole bouquet.


Elegant trailing bouquet in whites and soft greens with orchids and lillies - Love!

Elegant trailing bouquet of pure casablanca lillies, worked with pale green polymin cymbidium orchids, lisianthus and roses - I love the soft pale green in this!


Bridesmaids bouquet of lillies with bling

More of a garden look with roses, lillies, ranunculus and freesias. Lillies are a large flower to mix with other blooms - they look beautiful but you do need to be aware that they will always be a larger bouquet.

Elegant wedding featuring lillies, orchids, roses and lisianthus in whites and soft shades of green.Picture perfect wedding flowers!
Bride to carry an elegant trailing bouquet -
Bridesmaids with lily bouquets. Pure, elegant and oh-so-fragrant!

white oriental lillies, pink and white roses

White casablanca lillies, mixed with pink and white roses and a pretty collar of pink pieris.

pink oriental lily wedding bouquet

Fragrant and sparkly! Hot pink Stargazer lillies (pink oriental lillies) in a beautiful bouquet accented with crystals.

Pink oriental lily bouquet with bling

Side detail of the pink lily bouquet with bling. Crystal branches within bouquet and a diamante cuff on the handle.

wedding bouquets.

Best Blooms studio shot close up of the brides
bouquet and the silver salal leaf detail.

Bridal party with casablanca lillies and roses. white flowers against burgundy dresses.

I thought this wedding was stunning! Marie-Clair chose White casablanca lillies with silver leaf accents. We then highlighted the bouquets with silver iridescent bead wire. In her brides bouquet we also added white roses.

pretty roses and lillies bouquet

Close up showing the brides bouquet of white lillies and roses. I like the whimsy of the bead wire, to add movement and lightness.

Bride with trailing bouquet

Lovely combination of lillies, roses and lisianthus with singapore orchids in a traditional trailing bouquet.

bride and bridesmaids in royal blue - soft cream flowers

Lovely bridal party - to highlight the lovely blue dresses the bridesmaids carried elegant bouquets of de la creme roses.
A real honour to have done wedding flowers for both these sisters.

fragrant bridal boquet with stephanotis

What a treat - Casablanca lillies and stephanotis with roses. So fragrant!

red and white wedding flowers

Casablanca lillies, deep red roses and singapore orchids.

bride and trailing bouquet of white lillies, orchids and red roses

Trailing bouquet in lush reds and whites - a perfect compliment to her red accents in her gown.
The deep red rose is black magic.

fragrant bridal boquet with stephanotis

Dress up your bouquets with a Touch of Bling! Here we have bound the bridesmaids bouquet in the same fabric as the dresses - then finished with a feature of silver bead wire on the stem and through the bouquet.


tropical trailing bouquet - modern.

Tropical Trailing bouquet. By adding the lush tropical leaves, this twists the familiar into a modern stylish bouquet.


Scented, slightly wild feeling trailing bouquet
with lillies, jasmine and rose accents.

traditional trailing bouquet in pink and white

Traditional, pretty trailing bouquet of Casablanca
lillies, pink roses, freesias.



pale pink lily bouquet
Pale pink "La Reve" lilly bouquet - subtle accents of silver bead wire. A more delicate effect for pink lillies.

bride and large pink and wihite bouquet

Pink stargazer lillies, with a chunky trail of gorgeous, imported white singapore orchids. There was a secret to this bouquet - there were 2 additional posies in the long, long trail that the bride gave to Mum and Mum to be as part of the ceremony.



pink lily bouquets and bridesmaids
I love the pink bouquets against the dark
grey dresses. Lots of grass and stems left
long, gives it a spiky modern look.

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