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This page highlights some of the beautiful Rose Bouquets we have designed for Auckland Weddings. Roses are eternally popular - available all year round and with a wide and wonderful choice of colours. From soft and delicate and sweetly scented to rich, velvety and mysterious. There is a rose to suit every palette and to co-ordinate with every wedding theme!

Roses are definately the most popular choice for bridal flowers, romantic, significant, fragrant and just plain beautiful. We choose the roses carefully to colour match to both your wedding dress, and your bridesmaids gowns.


We are privileged to have one of the very best rose growers in New Zealand right on our doorstep, here in West Auckland. The major benefit of this is we can order direct. This ensures we can get the right colour and the right quantities we need for your wedding.

I would love to work with you in creating
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wedding planning helpful hint

One of the things that makes me most sad when beginning to work with brides is when they bring in pictures - usually sourced online - that feature roses that we just can't get in New Zealand.
(Although this is changing with the arrival of the fab David Austin Roses) -->

We have a smaller population, less flower growers, and this does have an imact on the availability of some flowers including roses.


Did you know in America - most roses are imported directly from Columbia? Different growing conditions, bigger growers, more sales = more varieties.
Even the fact we do not allow Genetic modification has an impact on what varieties of flowers we can get here!

If you want to do your homework- Here is the best link: What roses are commercially available in New Zealand?


Breaking News :

David Austin Roses are Finally available in New Zealand from December 2012! david austin roses are coming to New Zealand at lastPicture courtesy of David Austin Roses

We are SO excited to announce that at last the gorgeous David Austin roses are going to be available in New Zealand. Those amazing, luscious frilly garden roses that you have seen on international wedding blogs are now being grown in Auckland, by our premium rose grower Van Lier Nurseries.

I can't wait to design with these wonderful scented roses, perfect for the current vintage wedding trends. To start with they will be available in cream, a soft peach and pale pink. This is the most exciting new release in flowers in New Zealand- Well worth the wait!

Over fifteen years ago, David Austin embarked upon a completely new and exciting breeding programme, designed to transform our expectations of luxury cut roses. His current collection includes six exclusive varieties which combine all the beauty and charm of David Austin’s garden roses with the year-round availability of modern roses.

These new roses have quickly become some of the most highly desired flowers in the world, and seem set to revolutionise the world of cut roses in the same way that the English Roses changed the character of garden roses. Ideal for gift bouquets, arrangements for the home or for all kinds of special occasions, their glorious, garden-inspired style sets them completely apart from other roses.

David Austin's Cut Roses gradually develop from tight buds into large, perfectly-formed blooms, packed with many delicately furled petals. When fully open, the flower forms are truly spectacular, varying from deep or shallow cups to perfect, quartered rosettes, some with a classic button eye. Their delightful old rose, myrrh or fruity fragrances bring the natural charm and spirit of the old roses back to the world of the cut rose.

Bride and white rose posy with purple


For Joshinta's bouquet we used perfect white
Akito roses, with maines blue limonium and
little accents of purple crystal beads.



New Zealand wedding - red rose posy with unusual shell detail


For this romantic wedding at Castaways we
wanted to highlight the beach theme, so blended with red roses, we used clusters of shells, spanish moss and bear grass.


Trailing wedding bouquet of roses in ivory, burgundy and purple


Trailing wedding bouquet of roses for a
wedding held in the Parnell Rose Gardens.
Cool water roses, Alaska roses and black
magic roses with fragrant rosemary.



Bridal bouquet of roses in autumn shades


Autumnal wedding posy of Leonadis, peach avalanche, vendella and alaska roses with ivy berries. I love the background in this picture how it highlights the textures in the bouquet.

Bride and bridesmaids in navy blue with rose posies


Tori's trailing bouquet of Alaska roses and Astilbe while her bridesmaids carried pretty posies of vendella roses trimmed with ribbons to contrast against the navy dresses.


Rose bouquets in oranges, peaches with berries


Orange all the way - I love the contrast of these gorgeous orange roses against the dusky navy blue. Roses used were Lambada, Cherry Brandy and Hypericum Berries nestled in green hydrangea
(c) Amanda Wignell Photography.



white rose posy and champagne glasses

Simple and Elegant Akito Rose posy with highlights of ruscus leaves. The finishing touch is the pretty pearl branches to co-ordinate with pearl encrusted straps on her wedding gown.



Stunning posies of Black magic roses and green trick

I love the contrast in these bouquets in both colour
and texture. Deep, dark black magic roses
against bright green trick.



N.Z. style wedding white rose trailing bouquet with paua shell detail


White rose trailing wedding bouquet with paua shell, succulents, rosemary, sage and lambs ear. This was designed for a Waitakere wedding.
For more New Zealand style bridal bouquets
-Click here.



Ivory rose posy with lambs ear


Vintage style bouquet of Alaska roses and lambs
ear for a soft and delicate look and old worlde
charm. I love the warmth in these roses -
one of my personal favourites!

fresh roses in autumn shades mixed with flax hapene - more NZ style wedding flowers


New Zealand original hapene, flax mixed with gorgeous autumnal shades of roses for a unique style. Lambada, Brownie, Valentine & Black Beauty roses.

Red roses with bear grass cage bound in fabric


Modern bridesmaids bouquet of red roses
in a cage of bear grass.
For the finishing touch we made bows, from the bridesmaids fabric for the perfect match!



Pretty trailing bouquet of white roses and gyp


The brief for this wedding bouquet was delicate and lacy to compliment the gorgeous lace on her gown.
I love the soft floaty asparagus fern and gypsophila and this rose is Mon Cherie.


Posies of pink roses against turquoise dresses


Pretty pink roses with crystals are a great compliment against the lovely jade bridesmaids dresses.


Wild trailing bouquet of red roses, vine and ivy


Wild and funky trailing bouquet of red roses with lots of needle point ivy and wild green vine. Would you believe that the green vine is actually artificial?



purple roses wedding bouquet


These beautiful purple roses are called "Cool Water" and are one of the closest we get to a purple rose. They look stunning against silver or grey bridesmaids dresses or against a purple gown.



posies of yellow, cream and lemon roses


Like sunshine on a cloudy day. These beautiful posies are Lima yellow roses, Fresh moments, and Alaska roses for this lovely, happy bride.
I Love the contrast of yellow against the stylish black bridesmaids gowns.




pink rose posy with gypsophila


Pretty pink Veronica roses with gypsophila in a pretty perfect round posy.
A traditional look but a very pretty one!



Modern Trailing bridal bouquet of champagne - medeo - roses highlighted with gold willow and ferns.


A trailing bouquet of champagne - "Medeo Roses", ivy, fern and spanish moss.
The highlight of gold twisted willow gave the bouquet a modern, stylish feeling.



Bride and red rose posy with crystals


Brides bouquet of perfect red roses with crystal detail. The contrast of the bright red roses is lovely against the pure white brides gown.
Red certainly draws your eye to the flowers.


Trailing bouquet of white spray roses traditional


Trailing bouquet made entirely of miniature spray roses, gypsophila and delicate ivy.
Using the small roses gives a delicate dainty look which is highlighted by the fine satin ribbon.



Handbag decorated with burgundy roses for bridesmaids


A stylish alternative for your Bridesmaids or matron of honour. Sleek satin purses which we accentuated with black beauty roses, delicate foliage and crystal detailing.



pretty rose wedding bouquets with ribbon and pearl details

These very pretty rose bouquets are a cost effective option that look fabulous! Lots of ribbon and pearl details give them something special, and I love the contrasting foliage.

Wedding accesories for the brides special day

Elegant brides ensemble. Posy of white akito roses encircled with ivy trails, satin handbags with flower sprays for the bridesmaids and silver sparkly shoes and bling.... Fab!

rose posies in pink and white

White rose posy encircled with palest pink calla lillies and lambs ear - bridesmaids bouquet of pale pink sweet akito roses.

Bride exits the limousine with her bouquet of roses

Sometimes you want a splash of colour! Here the bride wanted her "something blue" to be the handle of her bouquet. This is a great way to bring through the colour from your bridesmaids dresses.

rose posies of peach avalanche and ivory roses with gypsophila

Pretty in peach! Sweet rose posies of peach avalanche roses alaska roses and vendella roses with gyposphila to highlight.

Trailing wedding bouquet of mixed pink and cream roses, ivy and fern.

BREAKING NEWS: This bouquet was chosen for use in the MOVIE - Billy T James Te Movie... Best Blooms made the bouquet for the shoot.
A very soft and feminine, trailing wedding bouquet of mixed pink and cream roses with fern and ivy.  This flattering style gives you a vintage feeling - traditional and very pretty.

Auckland wedding with Rangitoto as backdrop

Gorgeous photo of the bouquets with Rangitoto as a backdrop. Trailing bouquet for the bride and matching posies for the maids using stunning Talea and Vendella roses. Simple and very elegant.

White Rose Trailing Wedding Bouquet with crystals from Auckland wedding.

A very pretty trailing bouquet of white roses with leather fern and asparagus fern, highlighted with crystals.

The most perfect red roses arranged into a hand-tied bridesmaids bouquet with crystal detail.

A wedding bouquet or bridesmaids posy of red roses, is romantic and a great contrast on white, or stunning on dark colours such as black, charcoal or dark green. The crystals add some light and interest.

modern white rose posies with glossy leaf collar

Roses with a modern twist. Akito white roses with a collar of glossy aspidistra leaves and twists of silver and acrylic bead wire.

Pretty pink rose bridal bouquet with crystal detail

A very pretty and feminine, rose wedding bouquet of mixed pink and white roses. The slight touch of crystals was a nice highlight.

Elegant simple single white rose bound for bridesmaids

Here is a simple option - great for when you have lots of bridesmaids or you just want an elegant choice for your maids. A single rose dressed with gypsophila, and black satin - both binding and a luscious bow.

rose posy in whites and golds

Golden hues - Wedding bouquet made from cream pleasure roses with bear grass sprayed gold, with fern and crystals with gold wires to co-ordinate.


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white roses with silk sash and paua shell detail

Red and white - a popular contrasting colour choice. Bride carried a perfect posy of akito white roses while the bridesmaids carried posies of deep red roses.