White wedding bouquets





Pure, romantic and very Bridal - there is nothing like white wedding flowers for your special day.

White flowers can work with the feeling you are trying to create for your day - from vintage, country garden feeling, to sophisticated elegance and simplicity - it is all in the choice of blooms, and the style of bouquet and trimmings.


It is amazing to see the same flowers used but with different foliages and leaves and different techniques, we can create an entirely new look.

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A white bouquet against a gorgeous white bridal gown is flattering, elegant and will
ive you a streamlined, long sillouhette.

There is no colour to distract from your dress, and your bouquet will highlight the details and shape of your gown.


The purest white flowers are Casablanca Lillies - Bear in mind most flowers are in shades of white. Please also view our Green selection as there are lots of lovely fresh, white bouquets with green highlights there.


Most Popular White Wedding Flowers:

Roses (Akito is the purest white florist rose - beware - bruises easily), Avalanche, Nova, Escimo, Bianca, and for the more ivory shades; Alaska, Mon Cherie, Pleasure.





Calla Lillies

Casablanca / oriental lillies




Phalaenopsis orchids

Singapore Orchids










Tuber Roses




Paper whites



white wedding flowers
Rosemary's wedding featured pretty white garden style posies of roses, lisianthus, freesias, ranunculus and gypsophila with a soft touch of grey lambs ear foliage. Romantic!



white rose trailing bouquet
For the brides bouquet we decided on something really dainty and light to highlight the gorgeous lace detail in her dress. Traditional, pretty trailing rose bouquet with soft fern and gypsophila detail.



white lisianthus wedding bouquetsFor Jade's bouquets we went for gorgeous white lisianthus in a compact round posy - The finishing touch was a subtle gold lace detail on the handle
of the brides bouquet.




white vintage garden style wedding posy

Pretty vintage style wedding flowers for Anna's wedding at Cassels. Lisianthus, chrysanthemums, freesias, viburnum and roses - I love this look!

modern trailing bouquet of simple white tulips

Elegant and modern style trailing tulip bouquet
for this winter wedding held at Alberton house. Love the simplicity and cleaness of tulip designs.
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white rose wedding bouquet

Jelena's bouquet was Akito Roses- pure white and simple with a touch of green leafing to highlight.

white gerbera and rose bouquet with BrideEmma was one of our first Best Blooms brides and her bouquet is still very popular. A posy of roses, gerberas and miniature roses. The striking brown centres of the gerberas really makes this pop.



rose bouquetsWhen you are looking for a cost effective solution for Bridesmaids bouquets - these wand bouquets with a smaller amount of roses and a pretty ribbon collar, look great but don't break the bank!



pure white rose posy with pearl detailWhite Rose posy with pearl detail - there are so many ways we can just slightly twist a rose posy, to take it out of the ordinary and add your own unique touch.



white hydrangea wedding bouquets

Simple white hydrangea bouquets look very pretty and romantic against the pale mauve gowns. Hydrangeas are available from the end of November to early March.

white hydrangea bouquet with bride and groom

Diana wanted her favourite flower - hydrangeas. Proved tricky as it was at the end of the season
but we managed to get some beautiful ones - hooray! Gorgeous couple.

Gardenias and feathers wedding posy

Wired gardenia bouquet with ostrich feather collar. Such a gorgeous flower - very fragrant, but have a short season. Out of season we can re-create this bouquet using other flowers like roses, lisianthus, carnations etc to go with the feather collar.



white lisianthus bouquets

Pretty white lisianthus posies for Geri's wedding. Lisianthus (Eustoma) is a gorgeous ruffley flower, it looks like a double rose and they are a good lasting flower. Lisianthus are in season from November till May.


white roses and carnations

Carnations mixed with roses - both flowers are available all year round, so are a good choice to create a pretty ruffle posy. Carnations are a long lasting flower and have a lovely fragrance.


lily bouquets

For Marie-Claire we did posies of casablanca lillies, with highlights of bead wire, and a touch of silver on the leaves for a glamourous effect.


chrysanthemum posy with pearls

Standard chrysanthemums blended with
lisianthus and roses, accented with pearl
branches. Chrysanthemums make a good
alternative when peonies are not in season.



white calla lily bouquet

Pure and simple and always elegant.
White calla lillies are always popular -
These are the smaller sized summer callas,
there are calla lillies available in Winter but
they are larger sized blooms and thick stems.




vintage pretty white and green bridal bouquet
Soft and textured posy of roses, carnations, snowball and lambs ear - I loved making this posy and adore the texture.
Don't you just want to pat it?



white carnations and feathers

Feathers!! Soft, fluffy maribou feathers, mixed with carnations, roses and gypsophila clusters, with light touches of asparagus fern. Delicate and sweet.



white phalaenopsis orchid bouquets

Pure white phalaenopsis (Moth orchids) orchid bouquets. Orchids are such an elegant choice - perfect if you are looking for a more formal look.


trailing lily bouquet

An elegant trailing bouquet of white casablanca lillies, mini polymin orchids and roses for a civil ceremony at Waitakere Estate.


elegant trailng tulip bouquet

Tulip and roses work so well together. They both have a lovely form, that I think complements each other so well. I love using tropical leaves to frame and add style to a wedding bouquet.



Bride and groom with lily wedding bouquet

A Bride a Grooom, a sports car and a beautiful bouquet of lillies and roses for Marie-Claire.
I love how the roses are just peeking through, under the casablanca lillies.



soft trailing bouquet of white roses and ferns with crystals

Trailing bouquet of white roses mixed with fern,
here we have used a mix of both asparagus
fern and leather fern - a touch of sparkle comes from the crystal branch detail.



trailing bouquet of white mini roses

Small, dainty, trailing bouquet of miniature
roses, and gypsophila with ivy sprigs. To highlight we used wispy satin ribbon detail.


Bride with trailing lily bouquet

I feel honoured to have worked with 2 brides
from this local West Auckland family.
For Andrea's bouquet we created a more
traditional style of trailing bouquet with casablanca lillies, singapore orchids, roses, lisianthus and gyp.



modern white rose posy tropical style

White akito roses look stunning with glossy,
tropical, aspidastra leaves folded into a collar,
accented with silver iridescent bead wire.



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